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Online and mobile application development and design, web design and search engine marketing experts

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Website Design
Solutions to compliment
your business identity online

Google Marketing
Create measurable results,
increase market exposure

Marketing Software for all business models
iPhone applications
Frankston Mitsubishi iPhone
app and game new release

Auto Show Online
Join the online salesperson

POS Marketing
Hightened exposure most
effective out side the box

  We have developed an addictive and adaptable iphone game to give your business an engaging way of collecting data and giving away promotional products & services as prizes.  

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We've been helping companies understand Google
for over ten years. How can we help you?
Social media is not just for teenagers...
Businesses can use it to drive traffic and build search engine rankings
Today, most business searches are LOCAL SEARCH.
Have you adapted to the change?
Tomorrow, mobile searches will dominate.
We're ready. Are you?

Fast, Flexible Search Marketing

Paid search (PPC) is the fastest way to drive search engine traffic.

If you aren't sure whether search engine marketing is right for you, PPC is the best way to test search as a sales channel.

Paid search offers:

  • Agile marketing capable of a fast-response.
  • High trackability with deep budget insight.
  • The best ROI of any online advertising, period.
instant first page rank

Smart Keyword Targeting

Keyword analysis is one of our core competencies. In fact, we teach full day seminars on keyword research.

PPC keyword analysis is fundamentally different from SEO. Our analysis takes advantage of the greater freedom available through PPC, casting a broad net.

We also recognize the keyword research tools can mislead you on keyword volume and trick you into bidding on keywords that are a poor fit for your business.

We use keyword targeting mechanisms to make sure you run only on the search queries you want, while not losing fresh opportunities.

Optimal Campaign Structures

Forget your competitors, your keywords are competing with each other! There's only so much budget for your campaigns. Sloppy campaign structuring means big, dumb keywords can steal opportunities from smart, nimble keywords.

You need to focus your budget where it does the most good. We structure your campaign to optimize your budget.

Optimized Landing Pages

Good landing pages are the key to turning clicks into sales. Our team has a strong background in both usability testing and web analytics. That gives us both an eye for designing web pages that sell, and the metrics to drive conversion optimization on a broad scale. Brains, Not Software

At Click.Clever your PPC campaign is managed by experienced professionals, many of whom have ten years of PPC experience.

We don't use expensive bid management software to run your campaigns. We've looked at all the major bid managers out there and, frankly, we can do better. Bidding software can't take advantage of new AdWords/AdCenter features and tends to manage cross-platform campaigns at the lowest common denominator.

We've developed proprietary bidding strategies that maximize sales by identifying conversion sweet spots.

Re-invent, Re-create

AdWords is a growing platform, with new features appearing regularly. We test all new features in a controlled manner before rolling them out for all of our clients.

We regularly take part in AdWords beta tests that allowed our clients to have cutting-edge features months before they were available to their competitors or the public.

Don't miss out on new features, call us today!

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